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​are available on the northside at Betta Produce! We stock QHM, C3, Weight Gain, Breeder and Layer Mash.
​30TH JUNE 2018 
We stock Cen Oil in 1L and 4.5L.
- Improves the correct balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6
- Anti-inflammatory properties
- Improves shine and coat
- Assist in weight gain/maintenance
- Non-heating energy source
- 100% Natural​​​​​​
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Supercoat 18kg Varieties - $44.90
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Full Nutro Range
​Wholesome Essentials - Wild Frontier - Limited Ingredient Diet - Grain Free
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Proud Stockists of:
FiberProtect is a moist, high energy, high nutritional fibre feed comprising of fresh cut lucerne and suitable as the base forage fibre for all horses. High in calcium, it also features good levels of quality digestible protein and the full range of amino acids which together are essential for many vital functions in horses.

Some Key Research Findings:
1. Fibre Fresh feeds are scientifically proven to be better than dried forages
2. Feeding Fibre Fresh results in proven superior hydration for your horse
3. The protein in Fiber Fresh feeds is superior to Lucerne chaff
4. Get more energy from your hard feeds when feeding Fiber Fresh
5. Feeding FiberProtect can rapidly counter the negative effects that high grain feeding can have on gastric health

Benefits of feeding FiberProtect:
- Unique high quality fibre for optimum digestive tract health
- Highly digestible slow release energy for sustained performance
​​​​​​​​​​​- Excellent protein content for muscle building
- Superior nutrient availability and uptake for better feed conversion
- Good calcium levels to balance deficiencies in grain based diet
- Naturally low GI, non-heating feed, for safe feeding
- Improved digestion for reduced risk of colic and other digestive disorders
- Rapid rehydration for endurance and performance horses
- Moist feed is the solution to dust related respiratory problems​​​​​​​